About Us

Design Your Sign has been re-registered as a CC from 1 March 2013. We always traded in a trust and never thought that we will be forced to become a close corporate business due to the amazing growth over the years. The new image and name is a reflection of our proudly South African company.

We strive to make the best of the economic and social atmosphere in our country in the years to come, as we believe in the merit and ability of people and in a pro-active approach to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of our employees. Our employees are the most valuable asset, and with the exception of one new employee, all has been part of our growth as a company.

As criteria for becoming a supplier of your company, we would state the following:

  • Prompt responses to your requests for bid
  • Competitive prices
  • Quoting delivery schedules that we can and will meet
  • Furnishing the quality that conforms to your requirements